Frequently Asked Denture Questions

Owned and operated by Amanda Cresswell, this dental laboratory has been in operation in the heart of Fremantle for many years, and is highly skilled in restoring people’s smiles. All denture repairs and manufacturing are done on site, using only the best materials available.

A dental prosthetist is a dental professional who is clinically trained specifically to create and provide services for full/partial dentures, relines/repairs and sports mouth guards.

The answer to this question is no. Fremantle Dentures works directly with patients without the need for referral. Simply ring Fremantle Dentures and speak to Amanda directly.

Denture teeth are made from acrylic or porcelain. They are specially selected for size, shape and colour to conform and harmonise with your facial characteristics.

A plastic or metal base holds together and supports these teeth on your gums.

Artificial teeth are, when made correctly, a perfectly acceptable substitute for healthy and natural teeth. If you have unfortunately lost some or all of your teeth, then a partial or full denture enables you to maintain a pleasing facial appearance, and in most cases, they will assist you in chewing your food more comfortably.

At first you may find some difficulty in getting used to dentures and initially you might have difficulty chewing some types of food. In time, you will overcome this issue and adjust to your new dentures.

Fill your vanity unit basin to a quarter of its depth with warm water and place tissues or a soft towel over the surface of the water. This will provide a safety net in case you accidentally drop your denture into the water.

Run water over your dentures and remove any visible debris using a soft head tooth brush. It is important to use a soft head tooth brush to avoid causing any micro scratches to your denture which can harbour bacteria.

You may choose to use soft hand soap or a denture cleaner to help in cleaning away debris. Avoid using harsh toothpastes as they are too abrasive and can damage your dentures.

Rinse away any visible soap residue. You can then insert your denture.

Please ensure that you follow these care steps every morning and evening to keep your dentures clean and hygienic.

It is advised not to wear your dentures overnight, to allow your mouth and gums to recover and relax from the day’s wear. It is best to store them in their supplied denture bath container. It is not advisable to place them into a glass of water, as bacteria grows and thrives in wet conditions.

If tartar and plaque begin to adhere to your dentures, please call Fremantle Dentures to arrange an appointment for a professional clean.

Depending on your health provider and coverage, some or all of your dentures costs might be covered by private health insurance.

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