Implant Dentures

Some patients simply cannot get used to wearing dentures. The movement commonly found in full bottom dentures can make it very difficult for patients to eat, and in certain instances, to even speak clearly. Implant dentures present a solution to greatly improve the function and comfort of a denture.

Removable Implant Dentures

Removable implant dentures are held in place with attachments that fix to implants that are placed in the patient’s mouth. The most common application of this is for full lower dentures, or for patients who want the palate of their full upper denture taken out. For full lower dentures that are held in by implants, a dental surgeon will place at least 1 or 2 implants into the jaw. The denture then has two corresponding clips (or as many as there are in the implants) placed into the fitting surface of the denture that line up directly to the implants in the patient’s mouth. The result is a very stable denture that even the most discerning patients will appreciate.

One of the great benefits of a removable implant denture is that it is significantly easier to clean and maintain. Fixed dentures can be very tricky to keep clean.

Fixed Dentures

A fixed denture or implant bridge is a prosthesis that can only be inserted and/or removed by a dental professional. There are great benefits in this type of treatment if suitable amounts of bone can be found in the patient’s jaw. The most difficult aspect of a fixed denture is the oral hygiene challenge. Special brushes and flosses that have been designed to clean under fixed dentures and bridges are available.

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