Dentures that fit well during the first few years may not necessarily fit well later on. This is usually due to changes in the mouth caused by factors such as medication, weight loss and age, so your dentures may require relines. Over time, such changes are bound to occur and as a result, the dentures can become loose or ill-fitting. To ensure continued good fit and comfort, your dentures should be relined or refitted every three years.

Hard Reline

During this procedure, we take an impression of the bone ridge inside the old denture. An exact reproduction of the mouth is then recorded and the relined denture will be fitted to that exact reproduction. The contact will perfectly align with the contours between the gums and the denture and as a result, a good fit for the denture is attained.

Soft Reline

This procedure is almost identical to the “hard reline” described above. The only difference is in the material that is used to reline a denture. In this instance, the material is soft and it remains relatively soft during use. Usually, a SOFT RELINE is prescribed to patients with very flat, flabby ridges which are constantly sore under hard denture acrylic resin. In the majority of situations, a soft reline is the treatment of choice when patients cannot wear a regular hard acrylic resin denture because of constant soreness.

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